Progressive German death metal band ALKLOID is going to play its first show in Cairo, Egypt this Thursday. It will also be the first time a Death Metal Band from Germany performs in Egypt ever. Despite their philosophically controvertial approach to lyrics, the band decided to pick Cairo as one of the places to give their live premiere.

Drummer Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science, Ex-Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist) explains:

“We think that Metal is definately a global phenomenon. ALKALOIDS music to us is something which hopefully could enable people to transcend cultural and religious barriers, to connect people from all areas of the world by using one unique language – which is made by tones and rhythm. We also think that metal has to be brought to those people who are still hungry for hearing new and exciting things. For doing so, Cairo is the perfect place. We definately look forward to play and we’re are very proud to be the first metal band from Germany to perform live in Egypt.”

The band will perform on Thursday, September 17th in Cairo, Egypt together with ABORTED, NADER SADEK and SALLO.

ALKALOID is also currently shooting their first video in Cairo with Egyptian artist and musician Nader Sadek.

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